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Drawing inspiration from poetry, music and dance which were very much a part of her upbringing, she spends 12 hours everyday inventing designs and working out the intricate details of each pattern.

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Call her Calcutta’s corporate clothier. Sharbari Datta has emerged as one of the most sought after designers in a city known for wearing its culture on its sleeves.

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She concentrates on time-old wear, suited to our land and climate which has lasted through centuries. She gives them a fresh and distinctive look and a new lease of life-elevating them to the status of ‘Fashion Wear’.

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All ye men who have been hiding your Ravi Bajajs or Rohit Bals coz you fear being caught wearing identical angrakhas, this one is just for you. For Calcutta-based Sharbari Datta, who’s perhaps the only couturiere creating ethnic-wear exclusively for men makes sure that your silk kurta is just one of its kind.

Indian Express

One cannot help adoring her designs for their rich textures, mellow tones and delicate embroidery. Sharbari, Calcutta’s only couturiere of male fashion, demolishes stereotypes and offers a range of alluring implicity.


The saying goes that behind every successful man there is a woman. Sharbari Datta has extended the phrase a little further. Her exclusive range of designer kantha embroidered men’s wear are an elegant assertion of then fact, that behind every successful and tastefully dressed man there is a very special woman.


Sharbari Datta’s sartorial genius is the paradigm of art blended into fashion. Calcutta’s answer to the haute couture designers of Bombay and Delhi. Sharbari designs exclusively for men and has made traditional Indian garments her idiom.

India Today

Her show, Purrshotsav, featured festive ethnic ensemble. She has freed Indian men from suits.


Datta’s imaginative creativity has ensured that ethnic wear has a new and graceful avatar.

The Pioneer Weekly Magazine

Since she never repeats a design on more than one apparel, her stunning kurta-dhoti creations can cost around Rs.20,000 a pair.

The Statesman

Sharbari is reputed for having redefined men’s fashion within an ethnic framework. Her designs, kurtas, dhotis, jackets, shawls, sherwanis, shirts and vests are all embellished with kantha embroidery with designs she herself draws, totally freehand and drawing from her own creative imagination, directly on the cloth itself.


A concept coined by Sharbari has now been followed by many others – art is no longer restricted to a display on the wall, it can be worn, felt and taken pride in as part of one’s personal plumage.

The Sunday Observer

‘Pusushotsav’, held in the Nandiyar Gardens of Welcomgroup Maurya Sheraton Hotel and Towers, depicted the calendar of events in a men’s life.
Her collection takes the Indian men’s style sweeping over the prevalent Western masculine dress code, ushering in an era of a new look in men’s fashion wear.

The Telegraph

Sharbari began dispelling the notion that fashion is a woman’s prerogative. She was clearly out to ‘liberate’ men.

The Week

Sharbari’s designs are a blending of the classical with the modern, of the ethnic with the international, of the pragmatic with the romantic, of reality with fantasy.

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