Navy Blue Kantha Kurta

Navy Blue Kantha Kurta



Stunning Dopian silk navy blue kurta, which has self-toned Shantiniketan styled kantha work all over it. The style of the garment is totally masculine, created by Sharbari Dutta’s break-free concept of colour and geometric design.

“I truly believe that every kind of Indian garment for men lends itself beautifully to kantha work and design”, says Sharbari and to prove her point she created this exquisite piece of manly , aristocratic and sublime kurta.

Teamed with a same coloured zari bordered dhoti and a contrast silk shawl, this kurta is one of her favorites.

Delivery date: Within 4 weeks

Sharbari draws directly on cloth, impromptu, without prelims, preserving no copy for afterwards, making repetition impossible. Your piece will be your own, UNIQUE. The design/price shown here is for reference only. Please click to submit your details and get customized quote for Sharbari's unique design. We will reach out to you and finalize it together.

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