In those days, there were no designers who designed clothes for men as such, and seeing Sharbari Dutta ‘s work was quiet a revelation! There was intricate embroidery on the lower borders of the dhoti-s and on the sleeves and necks of the kurta-s adding a delightfully celebratory touch to the garments. It was like bringing back the elaborate costumes of the Mughals in a contemporary and yet traditionally Bengali way.

Aparna Sen (Multiple National Award Winning Director and Actress)

I loved her work-the embroidery is exquisite and the colours are subtle; the final pieces are rich and gorgeous. So when my daughter got married to Abhishek, I could only think of her to design the ethnic ensembles for the men in my family. Her work was flawless and greatly appreciated. Her outfits are truly a treat for the eyes.

Vrinda Rai (Mother of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan)

You cannot take her creations that you wear so lightly , for they are exclusive pieces, each so lovingly and painstakingly drawn and then executed to become works of art.

Rita Bhimani (Popular Columnist)

Very artistic kurtas, I have’nt seen anything like that before.

Manjit Bawa (Artist)

She is a true and original talent. She refines her look and comes up with fresh ideas all the time. Her love for her work pervades her work like a lingering perfume, creating ensembles of such beauty that her clothes become vintage collectibles.

Prasad Bidappa (Fashion Guru)

Her understanding of cultural asthestics blended with her fine sense of artistry have helped to put Bengal on the fashion map.She is a treasure of Bengal and we are lucky to have her.

Pandit Bickram Ghosh (Tabla Maestro)

Sharbari ‘s creations impressed me by their traditional ethnicity .The motifs depicted so effectively in the ‘kantha’ design reflect an Indianness that is very pleasing.

Kapil Dev (Former India Captain)

She brought back the splendour of the dhoti with a vengeance, changing the colours in the process. There was a revolution in the world of fashion. Never before had mensware been subjected to a burst of colours such as this! Nobody had thought of this before. She came, she saw, she conquered. I also sport her elaborately designed kurta often.

Bratya Basu (Theatre Personality and Minister)

Sharbari freed men from conventional fashion bonds. She introduced vibrant colours and embroideries, which till that point had been reserved for women. She introduced the old dhuti-panjabi outfit to a younger generation and made it “cool” as denim. This was her biggest contribution. She certainly made her mark nationally.

Shobha De (Ex-model, Celebrated Author and Popular Columnist)

Whenever I have an important occasion to attend, or big event where I must participate, the first name that comes to my mind is Sharbaridi’s, her clothes makes me feel so elegant.

Prosenjit Chatterjee (Actor)Actor
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